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Learning and competency software

Learning Competency software - SkillsVX

Our SkillsVX software maps and manages workforce competency for safety critical industries

Learning competency software

Complementing our digital training content is our cloud-based training and competence support software platform, SkillsVX, that maps and manages workforce competency for the oil, gas and renewables sectors.

Created to meet the specific challenges of safety critical industries, it comprises individual modules that offer an efficient, reliable and automated route to mapping, managing and tracking workforce capabilities across multiple projects and locations.

The modules can be chosen in any combination to suit requirements; from managing team competency across complex shift patterns to hosting training content and certificates, onsite assessment through to day-to-day training management, workforce planning  performance management, objective settings and progress reviews.

For more information contact us skillsvx@petrofac.com 

SkillsVX gives you the control to meet your training and competency KPI goals

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